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Most of the times you can find me sitting in one corner and making some mobile apps or hacking some hardware. 😉 If I am not doing either of these, I can be found riding bikes 😉

Self Driving Car

Made the 'prototype' of Self Driving Car using Android Things and Tensorflow! The prototype version of the self-driving car that we have built is able to recognize the traffic signs, avoid the obstacle and do the path planning. We used machine learning capabilities using Tensorflow to train the model to recognize the traffic signs. And the image classifier is running on Android Things. It is trained to understand traffic signs like Stop, Left, Right, as well as all the traffic lights. We also used Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, Google's Android Things imx7d. We even used 6 Ultrasonic sensors for obstacle avoidance as well as gy80 for accelerometer and gyroscope. Several other sensors like LDR sensors are used to detect the light intensity and turn on the headlight based on it. We do have a mobile app, that is used to control the car. The mobile app communicates to the android things using Firebase Real-time Database. We even added fingerprint authentication for locking and unlocking the car. That means you need to authenticate the fingerprint before you could control the car. In the mobile app, we have a manual mode and self-driving mode.

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Android App
Namma Karnataka Traffic

Namma Karnataka Traffic is an android mobile app that brings together services like Trafic violation Information, PUC Test, and much more. This application gives you the list of fine registered against your vehicle. Also, you can check for PUC test, RC details and much more. Built using Java & Php Has over 100,000+ users

Reverse Engineering
MI Band Hacking

This was an article I published on how I was able to reverse engineer to hack the Fitness Tracker and trick the users by sending notifications, place a phone call notification, reset the fitness tracker etc. It was even possible to upload the firmware Over the Air (OTA), push any malicious firmware or modify the resources 😀 Firmware update over the air is really a cool feature that is found nearly on all embedded devices. I demonstrated how this feature could be exploited to allow attackers to inject malicious firmware modifications into embedded devices. The problem here is hardware manufacturers do not cryptographically sign the firmware embedded in their systems nor include authentication features in their devices that can recognize if the firmware being pushed is signed by them or not. They literally accept the firmware from anyone! Here is the link to the article: Part I: How I sent the notifications, reset the fitness tracker etc…/i-hacked-xiaomi-miband-3-and-here-is-h… Part II: Reverse Engineering to upload Firmware and Resources Over the Air…/i-hacked-miband-3-and-here-is-how-i-di… I also built a tool using python to automate this, which is available here:

Android App for Hackathon, First Runner Up, Vistara Hackathon

Air guide is a mobile application for Android that helps physically challenged people navigate in the airport. This mobile app makes use of IBM Watson conversational API to chat with user. Conversation can be done in both ways text and voice and is able to understand English, Hindi and Kannada too both voice and text. This project is the first runner up of Vistara Aviation Hackathon.

Android Game
Ninja Blade Runner

Ninja Blade Runner is a modern day platformer Game. The main objective is how far can you get but just Stay alive! Ninja Blade runner is a action packed Mobile Game. Built using: Cocos2d, C++, Java

Android App
Bangalore Tourist Guide

Bangalore Tourist Guide is a mobile app that aims to help the tourist people by finding the nearby tourist places. This app makes use of your location services to find the nearby tourist places. Tourists can find emergency contact information as well. Built With: Java, PHP, HTMl + CSS + MySql

Nepali Manav
Humanoid ROBOT

Nepali Manav is a humanoid robot able to speak, dance, walk and much more. This robot is one of my fun projects built in 2015. Nepali Manav consists of Raspberry pi, ~30 servo motors, several sensors, etc. You can ask any questions to this robot and is able to answer you. I have also implemented openCv for image and face recognition. Build with: C++, Python, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, OpenCV

Raspberry Pi Project
Raspberry Pi Email Notifier

Helps checking email and display them using a 16 X 2 lcd and Raspberry pi. Built with: Python, Raspberry Pi

Autonomous BOT

This is one of the fun project that I like to work when I am bored. This is built with Raspberry Pi, HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor, L298H motor controller, etc. Right now this has the obstacle avoidance. Next step would be to attach a raspberry Pi camera and using tensorflow I would like to train the bot for self driving. Yes, inspired by Elon Musk's Tesla 😉

Raspberry Pi Autonomous Drone

This drone was built in 2014 using Raspberry pi. This drone is completely an autonomous drone. I was featured in lots of TV's and newspaper for this innovation. Built with: Raspberry Pi, Python

Mobile App

VTUKonnect is a mobile app designed for the students of Visvesvaraya technological university ( VTU ). This app helps students check their results ( CBCS and NON CBCS both), check their ranking ( CBCS and NON CBCS ), share their result and much more. Built with: Java, Php

Mobile App
Karnataka Traffic Police

This application gives you a list of fines registered against your vehicle. It is as simple as entering your vehicle number and press submit. Built with: Java, Php

WebSite is a web portal for Students, also a social network for students. Built with: Php, HTML + CSS, JavaScript, MySql

The Gurkhas

The Gurkhas is a restaurant website for one of my Client.

First Runner Up for Hackathon organized by Kathmandu University and Ministry of Science and technology, Nepal
Clean Kathmandu

Clean Kathmandu is a web based application that aims to solve the pollution of Kathmandu Valley. We have an android app from which you can take the photo of garbage and send it to the concerned authority. It then automatically plots the polluted areas in map using Google Map api's. Built With: php/mySQL, HTML + CSS Android App: Java

Wearable Heartbeat

It is an Arduino based wearable sensor which displays your heartbeat. This fun project/circuit to shows the rythm of your beating heart using arduino and LED matrix. Github: Built with: C++, Arduino

Alcudia Restaurant

This is a website built for one of my Client. Built with: Php, HTML, CSS


This is a website built for one of my Client. One of the best Spanish Schools in Spain. Built with: Php, HTML, CSS

Room Rental

Room rental is a mobile application that helps you find the room anywhere in Kathmandu. This application was awarded 'Innovative App' in Geeklist Hackathon Kathmandu. Built with: JAVA

Paschim Seti College

Website for one of the High School. Built with: PHP, WordPress

LIME- LIBRARY Management Software

LIME is a library management software for managing the library. Built with: PHP, HTML + CSS

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